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What is Myotherapy?

As a science enthusiast I love to learn about the history of words.

Like many words in English, Myotherapy is derived from the Greek word “mŷs” which means muscle or mouse. It appears that early physicians thought that when muscles were flexed they looked like mice!

Put the two words together and you have “therapy for muscles”.

As a Galen Canine Myotherapist #galenmyotherapy I specialise in massage and exercise rehabilitation therapy with a focusing on;

  • the maintenance of, or improvement of, joint and muscle health for all dogs,

  • supporting rehabilitation of dogs with musculoskeletal issues,

  • relieving pain,

  • working as part of a multi-modal team in the treatment of chronic conditions.

Following the 6 guiding principles allows me to establish a secure therapeutic relationship with you and your dog so each session has the maximum impact.

This included the use of Positive PACT® which ensures any dog being treated has autonomy over their own body and make choices as to how and where

treatment takes place. Just like humans our dogs sometimes need time

to process their experiences and feelings by taking a break before continuing,

at other times through their body language they will tell us something isn’t quite

right. Through observation I will be able to respond appropriately to these signs.

By incorporating the Galen Comfort Scale© into each assessment an objective measure of your dog can be made. Following treatment a re-assessment can be used to reflect on any positive changes your dog is experiencing.

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