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The journey to becoming a Galen Myotherapist

I first met Magnum when searching for my case studies and I have to say he stole my heart because he gave me such a wonderful learning experience.

Magnum was 12/13 years old, with a diagnosis of elbow dysplasia and osteoarthritis. A gorgeous Hungarian Vizsla whose start in life hadn't been the best, at 3/4 years old he was adopted and brought over to the UK by his amazing owners and enjoyed a life full of canicross and being an older brother to his canine and human siblings.

During my first visit I spent some time introducing myself and completed a postural assessment which I was able to use to inform my 3 session treatment plan. He was showing stiffness in all his limbs, a reduced stride and abnormal gait in addition to overdevelopment / underdevelopment of some of the main muscle groups in all regions of his body.

I was so nervous during our first treatment but Magnum showed me the way, giving me clear body language whilst also trusting in my developing skills. Receiving positive feedback from his owner after our first session was so reassuring and I knew from that point we could build a trusting, therapeutic relationship.

Magnum continued to respond and after his third treatment there were noticeable differences in his posture, gait and engagement with the environment.

Sadly, Magnum is no longer with us as he was diagnosed with a kidney tumour as I was completing my case study but I was asked by his owners to continue with his sessions as part of his palliative care. Once I’d received ongoing permission from his vet, I had the absolute pleasure of supporting his mobility and wellbeing in the last 4 months of his life.

I am so grateful to his owners for giving me the opportunity to work with him and trusting me, whilst understanding that I was still learning. I also really saw the power of Galen Myotherapy© and the impact it can have on the dogs who put their trust in us.

RIP wonderful boy, thank you for everything and now go and enjoy the sunshine…….

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